Scramble Messageboard - New York area 17-24 september 2022, UN Assembly CIV-MIL (2023)

United B777 N78002 flew us in 7,5 hours from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Newark. Our main 'goal' was to see as many planes as possible for the United Nations Assembly. We knew from previous years that Stewart is the place to be for the long term parking but we had no idea what to expect on the smaller airports.
This is a general report what can be seen during a certain period of time. Registrations are mentioned only once even if they could be seen the next day or on different airports.

Newark, 17 september 2022 :

C-FEJL E75S [Air Canada Express]
C-GKQA DH8D [Porter Airlines]
N184FE B763 [FedEx Express]
N250UP MD11 [United Parcel Service]
N261UP MD11 [United Parcel Service]
N27253 B38M [United Airlines]
N27519 B39M [United Airlines]
N378CX B763 [Amerijet International]
N449UA A320 [United Airlines]
N531GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N537GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N538GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N552GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N651JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N653RW E170 [United Express]
N727YX E75L [United Express]
N908NN B738 [American Airlines]
N923FD B752 [FedEx Express]
N976JT A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N993AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
VP-CNR G650 [Sunair SA]
VT-ALT B77W [Air India]

The first registrations could be seen from the terminal after arrival and during our ride with the AirTrain Newark towards the car rental.

Trenton, 17 september 2022 :

N688LB C750 [Paradigm Jet Management]
N800J G650 [Johnson & Johnson]
N989JC G550 [Johnson Controls]
N999ND CL30 [NPM Equipment Leasing LLC]

A quick look around the airport from several parking lots produced the above result.

Philadelphia, 17 september 2022 :

N104UW A320 [American Airlines]
N108HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N10VJ LJ31 [Venture Jets]
N11565 E145 [Contour Aviation]
N117UW A320 [American Airlines]
N120FE B763 [FedEx Express]
N124US A320 [American Airlines]
N127HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N131HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N133AN A321 [American Airlines]
N148AN A321 [American Airlines]
N156QS GL6T [NetJets]
N157AA A321 [American Airlines]
N165US A321 [American Airlines]
N16713 B737 [United Airlines]
N186US A321 [American Airlines]
N207JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N210FR A320 [Frontier Airlines]
N212WN B737 [Southwest Airlines]
N225QS CL65 [NetJets]
N228FR A320 [Frontier Airlines]
N234EU G200 [Solairus Aviation]
N23SY B350 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N301UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N304FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N308FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N309UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N311UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N312FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N325UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N326UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N331DN A321 [Delta Air Lines]
N332UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N338PK B738 [American Airlines]
N340UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N344FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N350UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N353FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N358JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N361FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N373CM B763 [Amerijet International]
N377DE B738 [Delta Air Lines]
N383FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N386FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N390FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N403YX E75S [American Eagle]
N407YX E75S [American Eagle]
N412UA A320 [United Airlines]
N427GW F2TH [Executive Jet Management]
N427YX E75L [American Eagle]
N430YX E75L [American Eagle]
N435UP B752 [United Parcel Service]
N436AN A21N [American Airlines]
N440AN A21N [American Airlines]
N441UW A21N [American Airlines]
N443DB CL35 [Geoduck Aviation II LLC]
N444UW A21N [American Airlines]
N446AN A21N [American Airlines]
N450AN A21N [American Airlines]
N452YX E75L [American Eagle]
N457AM A21N [American Airlines]
N457AS B739 [Alaska Airlines]
N468KL GL5T [Solairus Aviation]
N481EC F2LX [Exelon Business Services Co LLC]
N499WR GL5T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N502NK A319 [Spirit Airlines]
N511AE CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N514AE CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N518AE CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N523AE CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N529EA CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N530NK A319 [Spirit Airlines]
N533AE CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N535EA CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N549UW A321 [American Airlines]
N552UW A321 [American Airlines]
N554NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N556FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N559NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N564NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N577NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N578NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N579NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N585UW A321 [American Airlines]
N586NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N587G G550 [General Dynamics Corp]
N588NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N597QS C68A [NetJets]
N604NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N629AE E145 [American Eagle]
N632AE E145 [American Eagle]
N633AE E145 [American Eagle]
N636AE E145 [American Eagle]
N638AE E145 [American Eagle]
N638NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N639AE E145 [American Eagle]
N641AE E145 [American Eagle]
N644AE E145 [American Eagle]
N651AE E145 [American Eagle]
N655AE E145 [American Eagle]
N658AE E145 [American Eagle]
N659AE E145 [American Eagle]
N665BC E145 [American Eagle]
N668CP B737 [Hillwood Airways]
N669MB E145 [American Eagle]
N681FE A306 [FedEx Express]
N682AE E145 [American Eagle]
N705UW A319 [American Airlines]
N712US A319 [American Airlines]
N715FR A321 [Frontier Airlines]
N71NF E550 [Executive Jet Management]
N720PS CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N733UW A319 [American Airlines]
N737US A319 [American Airlines]
N738US A319 [American Airlines]
N741FD A306 [FedEx Express]
N749QS CL35 [NetJets]
N756US A319 [American Airlines]
N769BJ B350 [Rosado Aviation Inc]
N770QS CL35 [NetJets]
N770UW A319 [American Airlines]
N78285 B738 [United Airlines]
N792XJ C750 [XO]
N801AW A319 [American Airlines]
N802QS C700 [NetJets]
N8030F A319 [American Airlines]
N818DA B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N825AW A319 [American Airlines]
N825NN B738 [American Airlines]
N831AW A319 [American Airlines]
N834AW A319 [American Airlines]
N838AW A319 [American Airlines]
N8583Z B738 [Southwest Airlines]
N8614M B738 [Southwest Airlines]
N863NN B738 [American Airlines]
N872AN B788 [American Airlines]
N881WM DH8D [Connect]
N884DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N889UA A319 [United Airlines]
N9006 A319 [American Airlines]
N909AM A321 [American Airlines]
N93XP BE40 [Neal I Ardman]
N940AN B738 [American Airlines]
N941JS C680 [flyExclusive]
N954NK A20N [Spirit Airlines]
N961NK A320 [Frontier]
N976UY A321 [American Airlines]
N979AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
N982VJ A321 [American Airlines]
N997AA A321 [American Airlines]

After a look at the bizjet area and a drive around the airport we found a nice parking lot on the south side of the airport, Fort Mifflin Road for some spotting.

Philadelphia, 18 september 2022 :

N136AN A321 [American Airlines]
N14231 B738 [United Airlines]
N188US A321 [American Airlines]
N216QS CL65 [NetJets]
N328NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N335SJ LJ60 [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N340AS E55P [Executive AirShare]
N392FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N393FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N414AL A21N [American Airlines]
N451AN A21N [American Airlines]
N509AE CRJ7 [American Eagle]
N556NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N594NN CRJ9 [American Eagle]
N643AE E145 [American Eagle]
N73256 B738 [United Airlines]
N790QS CL35 [NetJets]
N822SY B738 [Sun Country Airlines]
N8630B B738 [Southwest Airlines]
N877DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N991AU A321 [American Airlines]

To see above we did the same trick as yesterday.

Wilmington New Castle, 18 september 2022 :

91-1231 C130 [United States Air Force]
91-1233 C130 [United States Air Force]
91-1234 C130 [United States Air Force]
91-1235 C130 [United States Air Force]
91-1236 C130 [United States Air Force]
91-1238 C130 [United States Air Force]
N26ME H25B [Starjet Inc]
N333QT BE20 [Fare Share Ltd]
N516QS C68A [NetJets]
N729TY GLF4 [Dumont Aviation]
N888MF GLF4 [Executive Jet Management]

A drive around the airport and a look from several parking lots gave us the above result.

Biddles Corner, 18 september 2022 :

N134NW H25B [Thompson Management LLC]

This one can not be missed as it is 'parked' in a field next to the highway. It is used as an advertisement object for the local Frightland Haunted House themepark.

Dover AFB, 18 september 2022 :

01-0191 c17 [United States Air Force]
06-6165 c17 [United States Air Force]
06-6168 c17 [United States Air Force]
07-7169 c17 [United States Air Force]
07-7170 c17 [United States Air Force]
07-7175 C17 [United States Air Force]
21-0118 A400 [Turkish Air Force]
69-0024 C5M [United States Air Force]
84-0061 C5M [United States Air Force]
85-0001 C5M [United States Air Force]
85-0007 C5M [United States Air Force]
86-0017 C5M [United States Air Force]
87-0036 C5M [United States Air Force]
87-0040 C5M [United States Air Force]
87-0045 C5M [United States Air Force]
N192CK FA20 [Kalitta Charters]

Main reason to visit this airport was the Air Mobility Command museum, From their parking lot and the museum we could see the above parked on the main active apron. A total of 10 C-5s and 7 C-17s were present but only the above could be read of due to the heat haze and angle.

Atlantic City, 18 september 2022 :

C-GGPW B732 [Air Canada], wfu
N147UA B74S [United Airlines], wfu
N258EB BE40 [Monument Air Works LLC]
N401Z B721 [Federal Aviation Administration], wfu
N41DP CL30 [Journey Aviation]
N516NK A319 [Spirit Airlines]
N537UA B752 [United Airlines]
N851JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N920EJ H25B [Empyreal Jet]
N96AP CRJ2 [ViaJet]

A drive around the airport and the view from several parking lots gave us the above result. The B737-200 and the B747SP are parked at the north side of the airport and being used by the FAA for several tests. Also a Delta L-1011 should be present near these 2 but we could not find/see it.

McGuire AFB, 18 september 2022 :

00-9001 B752 [United States Air Force]
04-4131 C17 [United States Air Force]
04-4132 C17 [United States Air Force]
07-7171 C17 [United States Air Force]
165161 C130 [United States Navy]
165316 C130 [United States Navy]
59-1497 K35E [United States Air Force], preserved
62-3508 K35R [United States Air Force]
62-3514 K35R [United States Air Force]
62-3544 K35R [United States Air Force]
62-3578 K35R [United States Air Force]
63-8003 K35R [United States Air Force]
63-8029 K35R [United States Air Force]
63-8040 K35R [United States Air Force]
66-7947 C141 [United States Air Force], preserved
85-0031 KC10 [United States Air Force]

A huge base with not so much possibilities to see something. The above was noted during a stop on the E Main Street.

Newark, 18 september 2022 :

N126DU BCS1 [Delta Air Lines]
N132EV CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N14731 B737 [United Airlines]
N181FE B763 [FedEx Express]
N236JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N238JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N24729 B737 [United Airlines]
N252UP MD11 [United Parcel Service]
N255SY E75L [Delta Connection]
N26215 B738 [United Airlines]
N27255 B38M [United Airlines]
N27256 B38M [United Airlines]
N28478 B739 [United Airlines]
N284JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N298PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N323US A320 [Delta Air Lines]
N34460 B739 [United Airlines]
N368UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N37290 B738 [United Airlines]
N37437 B739 [United Airlines]
N38473 B739 [United Airlines]
N39475 B739 [United Airlines]
N39726 B737 [United Airlines]
N429FX E545 [Flexjet]
N440AS B739 [Alaska Airlines]
N448UA A320 [United Airlines]
N462AS B739 [Alaska Airlines]
N476UA A320 [United Airlines]
N496UA A320 [United Airlines]
N503GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N504GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N508GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N510JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N519GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N520GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N521FE MD11 [FedEx Express]
N521GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N521UW A321 [American Airlines]
N526GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N533GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N566GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N569GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N599JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N61881 B739 [United Airlines]
N633NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N635NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N63890 B739 [United Airlines]
N639RW E170 [United Express]
N644JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N64809 B739 [United Airlines]
N649RW E170 [United Express]
N653NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N654RW E170 [United Express]
N658NK A321 [Spirit Airlines]
N678NK A321 [Spirit Airlines]
N68807 B739 [United Airlines]
N69818 B739 [United Airlines]
N69830 B739 [United Airlines]
N712JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N722YX E75L [United Express]
N730YX E75L [United Express]
N739YX E75L [United Express]
N744YX E75L [United Express]
N746YX E75L [United Express]
N750YX E75L [United Express]
N752YX E75L [United Express]
N79DH G280 [Caris Science Inc]
N807JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N824NN B738 [American Airlines]
N839NN B738 [American Airlines]
N849UA A319 [United Airlines]
N862RW E170 [United Express]
N869FD B77L [FedEx Express]
N877UA A319 [United Airlines]
N893AP KODI [Acadian Seaplanes LLC]
N915NK A20N [Spirit Airlines]
N928AK B39M [Alaska Airlines]
N929VA A21N [Alaska Airlines]
N930VA A21N [Alaska Airlines]
N948AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
N954AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
N975AK B39M [Alaska Airlines]
N978JB A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N983NN B738 [American Airlines]
N985NN B738 [American Airlines]
OE-LPD B772 [Austrian Airlines]
RP-C3508 A359 [Philippine Airlines]
SE-DMS A21N [Scandinavian Airlines System]
SP-LRE B788 [LOT Polish Airlines]
TF-ICY B38M [Icelandair]

Last one for today. After a quick stop at the bizjet area we checked in at the Crowne Plaza EWR hotel. Except the bizjets the above was seen from our hotel room. Ask for a NY Skyline View room, 8th floor or higher and an odd number room (we had 1005) and nothing can be missed.

Newark, 19 september 2022 :

9H-FCA GL6T [Albinati Aviation Ltd]
A6-EQG B77W [Emirates Airline]
A7-CGL G650 [Qatar Executive]
C-FEJD E75S [Air Canada Express]
C-GKQI DH8D [Porter Airlines]
C-GLQN DH8D [Porter Airlines]
C-GRMZ CL65 [Novajet]
LV-JQF FA7X [Royal Class SA]
N119PS GALX [Bizav Support LLC]
N162UP A306 [United Parcel Service]
N200A G550 [Exxon Mobil Corp]
N209NV A320 [Allegiant Air]
N221JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N227JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N27260 B38M [United Airlines]
N325PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N34HS G550 [Melvin Simon & Associates Inc]
N355UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N369UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N522GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N553GJ CRJ7 [United Express ]
N570GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N575GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N666DN B752 [Delta Air Lines]
N742YX E75L [United Express]
N745YX E75L [United Express]
N748YX E75L [United Express]
N765JP C25B [Alante Air Charter]
N865RW E170 [United Express]
N868KE G650 [Metrojet Ltd]
N977UY A321 [American Airlines]
N980UY A321 [American Airlines]
VH-FMG GL7T [Fortescue Metals Group]

A few hours in the morning from the hotel room and the bizjet area gave us the above result.

Teterboro, 19 september 2022 :

144619 CL65 [Royal Canadian Air Force]
2583 E35L [Brazilian Air Force]
606 FA7X [Hungarian Air Force]
607 FA7X [Hungarian Air Force]
8P-ASD G650 [Grupo Santo Domingo]
9H-AMO G450 [Elitavia Malta]
9H-IBI GL7T [Elitavia Malta]
9H-VJV GL6T [VistaJet]
A7-CGA G650 [Qatar Executive]
A7-CGF G650 [Qatar Executive]
C-FOEG GL6T [Aurora Jet Partners]
C-FREQ C560 [Chartright Air]
C-GAXX C750 [Air Partners Corp]
C-GFFS C25B [Airsprint Inc]
C-GFFT LJ70 [Flightpath Charter Airways Inc]
C-GJET C560 [Chartright Air]
C-GNAS C25B [Airsprint Inc]
C-GOEI PC24 [Aviation Starlink]
C-GTEV BE9T [Evertz Microsystems Ltd]
CS-GLI GL6T [NetJets Europe]
D-ATON FA7X [Air Hamburg GmbH]
D-AWWW G650 [DC Aviation]
FAE-051 E35L [Ecuadorean Air Force]
FAP3001 C680 [Paraguayan Air Force]
F-RAFA FA7X [French Air Force]
HI1025 G400 [Helidosa Aviation Group SA]
HI955 C56X [Helidosa Aviation Group SA]
LX-LXL FA8X [Global Jet Luxembourg SA]
M-NSTR GL7T [YYA Management Ltd]
M-OONL GLEX [Shino Aviation]
M-THOR GLF5 [Jet Aviation Business Jets AG]
N100AC CL64 [Smith Vicars & Company]
N100SA CL35 [Essay Management Services LLC]
N101KK LJ75 [Kohler Company]
N102BG GA6C [Contrail Aviation LLC]
N117AL G550 [Western Air Charter Inc]
N11AR G550 [Perpetual Air LLC]
N124ST GL6T [Kactus Capital Management LLC]
N125BK BE20 [Eastern Air Express Inc]
N12ML E55P [Altius Aviation]
N130JE GLF4 [Jet Edge]
N136MV F5EX [Short Hills Aviation]
N146QS GL6T [NetJets]
N14717 G450 [Executive Jet Management]
N153PM C25M [Ceco Aviation LLC]
N154G GLF4 [Execuflight]
N155TM GA6C [Solairus Aviation]
N1625 GLF4 [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N168GS C56X [Jet Linx Aviation]
N176QS GL7T [NetJets]
N1836S F9EX [Stephens Group Inc]
N183TF LJ45 [Paradigm Jet Management]
N1886S GL6T [One Campus Drive Services LLC]
N189AF PC12 [Planesense]
N18CJ G550 [18CJ LLC]
N18CZ GL6T [Executive Jet Management]
N1901W CL30 [Executive Jet Management]
N192BL E50P [Air Bravo Lima LLC]
N194PJ PC24 [Foreflight]
N19VJ SF50 [VeriJet]
N1AM GLF5 [Meruelo Group LLC]
N1D GLF4 [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N1LA G550 [Executive Jet Management]
N200CR F2EX [Romana Aircraft Inc]
N201CE G650 [Ogarajets LLC]
N205WA G200 [Pinnacle Aviation]
N209RW CRJ2 [Contour Aviation]
N212QS CL65 [NetJets]
N212RG H25B [THK Holdings LLC]
N214RW CL35 [Executive Jet Management]
N220MD LJ60 [ATI Jet Inc]
N2239X FA8X [UAML Corp]
N228SS GLEX [Jet Edge]
N232G G650 [Google Inc]
N239QS CL65 [NetJets]
N242PG C25M [Page Aviation LLC]
N248SE C25B [M7 Leasing Corp]
N24JR G450 [Air 7]
N24NX PC24 [AHI-G P R E Inc]
N256DV C25C [RDV Aviation LLC]
N25PP C56X [Jet Linx Aviation]
N261PW G550 [Executive Fliteways]
N265SJ CL30 [Executive Jet Management]
N266TD E55P [SD Capital Holdings LLC]
N280WS G280 [Corporate]
N293TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N2PG G650 [Procter & Gamble Co]
N302KC CL30 [Kroger Company]
N303JE CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N308JE CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N313AR GLF4 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N313QS C680 [NetJets]
N313RG G650 [Renco Group Inc]
N314GV E55P [Grandview Aviation]
N315RC H25B [N-Jet]
N316QS E55P [NetJets]
N317N E55P [Nicholas Air]
N318CL F2EX [Lumen Technologies Service Group LLC]
N319FS G550 [Jet Edge]
N326AS E55P [Executive AirShare ex ott]
N330AP G200 [FPM 9566]
N333MX F2EX [Richmond American]
N334QS C680 [NetJets]
N336EB G550 [Prime Jet]
N33BG F2LX [Boyd Gaming Group]
N33NX PC12 [Keystone Aviation]
N343MG FA7X [Capital Transport LLC]
N345KM F900 [True Aviation]
N346AS E55P [Executive AirShare]
N355PM TBM8 [AccessAir Charters and Management]
N359FX E55P [Flexjet]
N362AS E55P [Executive AirShare]
N362JE CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N369LL CL35 [Latitude 33 Aviation]
N374QS E55P [NetJets]
N376FX E55P [Flexjet]
N380ER G650 [Flexjet]
N386QS E55P [NetJets]
N388FT GLF5 [Franklin Templeton Travel]
N389PS CL35 [Inner Harbor 100 LLC]
N389RA BE20 [Eastern Air Express Inc]
N397JJ GLF4 [Avion LLC]
N3TS GL7T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N400SC BE20 [Eastern Air Express Inc]
N401MW C680 [Xcel Energy Services Inc]
N406QS E55P [NetJets]
N407QS E55P [NetJets]
N408LS F2LX [Jokyal LLC]
N408QS E55P [NetJets]
N418RY GLF5 [RY Aviation Inc]
N422FX E545 [Flexjet]
N427QS E55P [NetJets]
N429CK GLF4 [STAjets]
N430FX E545 [Flexjet]
N433FX E545 [Flexjet]
N435HC GLF4 [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N43AD G450 [Oakmont Corp]
N441QC H900 [Northeastern Aviation]
N444FX E545 [Flexjet]
N445FX E545 [Flexjet]
N445MD GLF4 [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N446QS E55P [NetJets]
N44CE GLF4 [Global Air Charters]
N457AY CL35 [Aix Fusion LLC]
N459JL H25B [Premier Private Jets]
N479W FA7X [OTW Aviation LLC]
N491N F2TS [Indium Corp of America]
N494TB C25A [Tradebot Systems Inc]
N502BG F2TH [Capital Holdings 209 LLC]
N502GM G350 [GM Aviation Inc]
N503SV C680 [Southern Air Systems Inc]
N505PJ E55P [Jet Linx Aviation]
N506DJ F2TH [Rennia Aviation ex ott]
N507QS C68A [NetJets]
N508CK G500 [Talon Air]
N510AB LJ60 [AB Jets]
N514MB FA50 [MCL Falcon]
N518QS C68A [NetJets]
N51GB C750 [Discovery Jets]
N520FB E550 [Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc]
N520SC F2LX [Stryker Corp]
N522FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N524AC G550 [Alticor Inc]
N524EA G650 [Falstaff Partners LLC]
N529LC CL35 [SKL Aviation LLC]
N534FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N542WC ASTR [HMV Aviation LLC]
N546MD C750 [Davis Leasing LLC]
N550AA G550 [Atlantic Aviation Corp]
N550GP G550 [Threshold Aviation Group]
N550XJ CL30 [XO]
N553BW H25B [Execuflight]
N560BG C56X [Pittsburgh Jet Center]
N560BL C560 [JEM Air Holdings LLC]
N560HX C56X [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N565CG LJ60 [Peak Medevac]
N567MC C56X [Mach One Air Charters]
N569DC GL5T [Solairus Aviation]
N56BA CL30 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N56GJ CL64 [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N570JT HDJT [Jet It]
N572QS C68A [NetJets]
N574FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N575AG CL64 [Solairus Aviation]
N579FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N57MH CL65 [Chantilly Air Inc]
N582QS C68A [NetJets]
N583QS C56X [NetJets]
N588NG PC12 [711 Cody Inc]
N603QS C68A [NetJets]
N604GE CL64 [Corporate]
N606QS C68A [NetJets]
N606SA G650 [Inversegovia SA]
N60SN FA8X [Sony Aviation]
N610GD C560 [June Tenth LLC]
N611NC G150 [Trident Aircraft Inc]
N617MW C56X [Waltzing Matilda Aviation LLC]
N625SC GL5T [Stryker Corp]
N626JS GL6T [JWC Winter LLC]
N62LX F2LX [Zenflight]
N63NM GLF4 [Century Jets]
N640QS C68A [NetJets]
N643EP LJ75 [Avia PL LLC]
N643QS C56X [NetJets]
N644SD PC12 [Aero-Tech Services]
N646TX C56X [Noble Air Charter]
N651BA G650 [Bank of America]
N652WE G650 [Blue City Holdings LLC]
N654CP FA50 [JetX Aviation LLC]
N657CT CL64 [Caterpillar Inc]
N667WJ H25B [Worldwide Jet Charter]
N668AF PC12 [Planesense]
N668BB GL6T [Baker Bros Advisors LP]
N668TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N668TX C56X [Red Wing Aeroplane Company]
N671LE G550 [Green Sky Aviation LLC]
N671QS C68A [NetJets]
N686CP C680 [CP Air LLC]
N687QS C68A [NetJets]
N690VM C680 [Thrive Aviation]
N702QS CL35 [NetJets]
N711RH G650 [Solairus Aviation]
N71CH C700 [CH Robinson Worldwide Inc]
N721V G550 [Starbucks Coffee Company]
N725QS CL35 [NetJets]
N731SR F9EX [Jet Charter Inc]
N733K F2LX [Humana Inc]
N739QS CL35 [NetJets]
N73ML CL64 [ML Acquisition Company LLC]
N741QS CL35 [NetJets]
N742E CL30 [Eaton Leasing Corp]
N746SF H25B [N613EE LLC]
N764QS CL35 [NetJets]
N772QS CL35 [NetJets]
N777MC E545 [Meredith Operations Corp]
N7799T GLF4 [Planet Nine Private Air]
N780QS CL35 [NetJets]
N782QS CL35 [NetJets]
N782SF GL7T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N788QS CL35 [NetJets]
N78CY F9EX [WKC Corp]
N794XJ C750 [XO]
N800UW H25B [Executive Aviation Corporation]
N804AC H900 [K & M Aviation Holdings I LLC]
N808CF GLF4 [Hera Flight]
N80AK GL5T [Alerion]
N810KJ GL7T [Solairus Aviation]
N810YS LJ60 [N1JB LLC]
N814LL GL5T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N814TS LJ60 [N814TS LLC]
N81RA LJ35 [Royal Air Freight Inc]
N81SN F9EX [Sharma Management LLC]
N822QS C700 [NetJets]
N823QS C700 [NetJets]
N826RP G300 [Worldwide Jet Charter]
N827Z G550 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N845FP C750 [Sterling Aviation]
N847JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N848JA G550 [Executive Jet Management]
N84GH PC12 [Triple Niner LLC]
N850UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N867UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N868CC G280 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N880TD FA50 [M B Airways]
N880X GL6T [Pratt Aviation P/L]
N881UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N883TW CL35 [Wheels Up Private Jets]
N888XM G650 [Nexus Flight Operations]
N889MS G550 [Prime Jet]
N889ST GL5T [Forindo P/L]
N88EJ E55P [Eight Echo Juliet LLC]
N893UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N894AF PC12 [Planesense]
N895DA G550 [Darling Ingredients Inc]
N896BB CL30 [Best Jets International]
N904G G550 [Google Inc]
N906JC G350 [Talon Air]
N90KC CL65 [Elevate Jet]
N917HP CL30 [Highlander Partners LP]
N925BB BE20 [Aero Charter Inc]
N92ER C25B [R & J Aviation LLC]
N933ML GL5T [Solairus Aviation]
N936GA G280 [Gulfstream Aerospace LP]
N942CE BE20 [Corporate Eagle Management Services]
N942TW PC12 [Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc]
N959AF PC12 [Planesense]
N960LS GLF4 [Newport Executive Transportation Inc]
N961V GLF4 [STAjets]
N982RW GA6C [Coca-Cola Company]
N989JW FA8X [S C Johnson & Son Inc]
N989ST H25B [Trinity Jet Management Inc]
N990MM FA50 [True Aviation]
N991TX C750 [Mountain Aviation]
N998RW FA7X [Jet Linx Aviation]
N999AA GLF4 [STAjets]
N999JA C25B [Cheyenne Aviation Inc]
N99ZM GL6T [Moelis & Company Manager LLC]
OH-WIX FA7X [Jetflite OY]
OK1 GLEX [Botswana Defence Force]
PR-CGI G550 [Pegasus Administracao e Participacoes Ltda]
PS-AGA G550 [Helistar Taxi Aereo]
PS-BTG GL7T [Romanof Ltda]
SE-RMT GL6T [SAAB Aircraft AB]
T7-MIK FA8X [Fly Exec]
V5-GON FA7X [Government of Namibia]
XA-MLD C68A [Aerolineas Ejecutivas SA]
XA-NDY CL65 [Aerolineas Ejecutivas SA]
XA-UCI LJ55 [Med Jets SA de CV]

The above could be seen during a drive around the airport and from the Texas Roadhouse parking lot, Industrial Avenue located in the North-West near the beginning of runway 19-1. We visited this airport between 1000-1930 hour minus 1,5 hours for visiting 2 other airports. Teterboro is well know for it's high amount of bizjets. Everything can be well seen during a drive around the airport or from the parking lot except the FBO located in the south, Signature-South as they are surrounded by trees. Do not forget to visit the Aviation Hall of Fame museum located in the east of the airport, Fred Wehran Drive for the last surviving Martin 202.

Caldwell, 19 september 2022 :

N339TA C208 [Tropic Ocean Airways]
N383TA C208 [Tropic Ocean Airways]
N700S TBM7 [TBM Logistics LLC]
N893AP KODI [Acadian Seaplanes LLC]
N913NL AC90 [2242 Enterprises LLC]

A quick look for Ce525 N225SC which was damaged on 17-04-2022 when it overran the runway after landing. Unfortunately it was not seen during our visit. No idea if it was moved or inside a hangar as it was seen outside 1 month before our visit.

Morristown, 19 september 2022 :

N14VJ SF50 [VeriJet]
N306QS C680 [NetJets]
N368FX E55P [Flexjet]
N396QS C680 [NetJets]
N43NG PC12 [Wing And Rotor Transportation Holdings LLC]
N451GV G550 [Hewlett-Packard Company]
N47EG F9LX [Wing & Rotor Transportation Holdings LLC]
N794BC E545 [Total System Services Inc]
N822LL CL35 [Elite Air]
N824DP CL35 [Million Air Dallas]
N838MF G650 [ROP Aviation Inc]
N8AG F9LX [Wing & Rotor Transportation Holdings LLC]
N973AC G550 [Alcamo Aviation LLC]

A quick drive around the airport gave us the above result.

White Plains, 20 september 2022 :

HB-IXL G650 [TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd]
HL8080 A319 [South Korea Telecom]
N113QS GL5T [NetJets]
N119AK FA50 [Mattman & Robin Air LLC]
N120AH PC12 [Wilmington Trust Co Trustee]
N130GS H25B [One Gas Inc]
N156RC CL64 [Reynolds Jet Management]
N175EM E50P [882 Aviation Inc]
N177QS GL7T [NetJets]
N1916W G550 [Infinity & Beyond LLC]
N215EF GL6T [Leflight Supreme LLC]
N237MP C25A [A7CJ2 LLC]
N332AV BE40 [Secure Air Charter]
N390AE PRM1 [Foyt Aviation LLC]
N39AV GLF4 [Tailwind Air LLC]
N408FZ PC12 [Flying Zebra]
N416GP LJ60 [MPC Equipment LLC]
N416TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N435QS G450 [Executive Jet Management]
N463V C25B [Tradewind Aviation]
N479VA BE20 [Tactical Aviation Inc]
N47HA H25B [AEM Aviation]
N499JB GA5C [Sweatmore Air III LLC]
N503KH C56X [503KH Holdings LLC]
N525QS C68A [NetJets]
N526TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N547XJ CL30 [XO]
N549CA CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N550FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N554VR PC12 [N Berk Consultant Inc]
N573QS C56X [NetJets]
N585JS E50P [Cinitsa LLC]
N600JM F9EX [East Lake Jet Aviation LLC]
N606TJ FA7X [Heathcote Holdings Inc]
N610RL F900 [True Aviation]
N619QS C56X [NetJets]
N621MD F900 [Hampton Holdings LLC]
N629EP FA50 [Tailwind Air LLC]
N650PF C650 [North Central Aviation]
N713AK HA4T [Jet Life LLC]
N716WW CL30 [A-OK Jets]
N752JS C25B [flyExclusive]
N769XJ C750 [XO]
N816TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N849TW pc12 [tradewind]
N854JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N870PS G650 [LBMA Equipment Services Inc]
N881TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N887MM G550 [Masimo 17 LLC]
N924CN CRJ2 [Contour Aviation]
N926VR C750 [Mountain Aviation]
N95GJ PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N999EA F900 [Tequila Mockingbird LLC]
PR-SVN FA7X [Altus Participacoes Ltda]
T7-PAL B737 [Arab Wings Ltd]
TR-KGM G650 [Government of Gabon]
VP-BGT FA7X [Jetworks]

A quick look at this airport in the morning during a drive around and from several parking lots.

Stewart, 20 september 2022 :

356 B735 [Peruvian Air Force]
3DC-SDF A343 [Government of Swaziland]
5A-ONE A342 [Government of Libya]
5U-GRN B737 [Government of Niger]
89-1191 C17 [United States Air Force]
94-0067 C17 [United States Air Force]
95-0105 C17 [United States Air Force]
96-0005 C17 [United States Air Force]
985 B763 [Chilean Air Force]
9K-GBA A345 [Government of Kuwait]
A7-AAH A343 [Qatar Amiri Flight]
A7-HSJ A320 [Qatar Amiri Flight]
B-3999 B737 [Beijing Airlines]
C-GHRY C25M [Novajet]
EP-IGA A343 [Meraj Airlines]
HZ-SKY2 A332 [Sky Prime Aviation]
LV-FVH A332 [Aerolineas Argentinas]
LX-DIO B739 [Global Jet Luxembourg SA]
MM62174 A319 [Italian Air Force]
N10199 GA6C [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N112GS C25A [MLDW Holdings LLC]
N17XR C750 [Millbrook Air]
N222NF C25A [Shelter Air Charter LLC]
N463JA C560 [Red Wing Aeroplane Company]
N473CW GLF4 [Pentastar Aviation]
N493AF PC12 [Planesense]
N508WG C25M [Jobs Lane Aviation LLC]
N512HA C750 [HA X288 LLC]
N518AR C56X [A R Wings LLC]
N525PZ C25C [Zeliff Aviation LLC]
N529TA C25M [Todhunter Aviation LLC]
N597RB G200
N656FE A306 [FedEx Express]
N65FG G650 [Starr Equipment Corp]
N685AB FA7X [Planet Nine Private Air]
N737LE B737 [Polaris Aviation Solutions]
N752WJ C750 [Charter Airlines LLC]
N765F C560 [W-R Equipment LLC]
N804QS C700 [NetJets]
P4-CLA B762 [Comlux Aruba]
S2-AJY B789 [Biman Bangladesh Airlines]
TC-ATA G550 [Turkish Airlines General Aviation]
TC-TRK B748 [Government of Turkey]
TC-TUR A332 [Government of Turkey]
TU-VAS A319 [Government of the Ivory Coast]
UP-A3001 A332 [Government of Kazakhstan]
VP-CKA B738 [PrivatAir Saudi Arabia]
YI-AQZ B77L [Iraqi Airways]

The above could be seen during a drive around the airport and from several parking lots.

Farmingdale, 20 september 2022 :

N107VS G550 [Sterling 2K LLC]
N12G GL6T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N131AF PC12 [Planesense]
N13MS G650 [Air Kaitar LLC]
N156WJ GLF4 [156WJ LLC]
N180NE H25B [Junction Medical Office P C]
N205MS BE9L [Justice Air]
N234DP CL30 [Talon Air]
N239AX F900 [Justice Air]
N290MX FA50 [Justice Air]
N321EJ F2TH [Talon Air]
N362SM F2TH [Justice Air]
N375BC H25B [Talon Air]
N404GJ JS31 [Transportes Aeropacifico]
N416QS E55P [NetJets]
N452M C56X [Mountain Aviation]
N453JE HA4T [Talon Air]
N506RT CL65 [Raytheon Company]
N516JA F900 [Justice Air]
N531P LJ55 [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N5465M G550 [Corporate]
N54CM GALX [Executive Jet Management]
N551TG G550 [MSG Aircraft Leasing LLC]
N55NY LJ55 [Northeastern Aviation]
N56MM LJ24 [Northeastern Aviation]
N610TX C56X [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N648FJ F2TH [LSB Automotive LLC]
N669CC H25B [Sabanera Asset Holdings LLC]
N684JC GLF4 [Talon Air]
N700NY G300 [Northeastern Aviation]
N725JA C560 [Justice Air]
N728LW FA50 [Bleeker Holdings Corp]
N824CC LJ55 [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N855PT LJ55 [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N88C GL7T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N923LJ C56X [Jet Linx Aviation]

The above could be seen during a drive around the airport and from several parking lots. On the north side of the airport is the American Airpower Museum located,

Islip, 20 september 2022:

9H-TBN A319 [Comlux Malta Ltd]
G-GBNI A21N [Titan Airways]
J-756 G450 [Pakistan Air Force]
N143CA C208 [Cape Air]
N150LR H25C [Club Jet]
N229LH C208 [Sky LLC]
N23FH C208 [Fox Hotel Holdings LLC]
N36EP F2TH [JSM at Falcon II LLC]
N429LH C208 [Sky LLC]
N508RJ C208 [---]
N515JT E35L [Excelaire]
N551GG G550 [Excelaire]
N57LT PC12 [Lexington Turbo LLC]
N749WW H25B [SMF Ohio LLC]
N820HB GLF5 [Executive Fliteways]
N85M G450 [Five Star Holding Company LLC]
N88WG C510 [Inter-Archipelago Airways]
N900SF F900 [Falcon 900 LLC]
N910KS H25B [North American Air Charter]
N917R GLEX [North American Air Charter]
N917W GLF4 [Craft Charter]
N950SV C208 [Sky LLC]
VP-CKH A318 [Hamza al Kholi]
VQ-BNZ G650 [Government of Jordan]

The above could be seen during a drive around the airport and from several parking lots. The G-GBNI is painted in full United Kingdom scheme to operate services for UK MOD.

Westhampton Beach, 20 september 2022 :

16-5873/LI C30J [United States Air Force]
17-5870/LI C30J [United States Air Force]
18-5879/LI C30J [United States Air Force]
66-0222/LI C130 [United States Air Force], preserved
N124MV C750 [Sunrise Jets]
N365FX E55P [Flexjet]
N377DP CL30 [Daleridge Road Aviation Inc]
N468KL GL5T [Solairus Aviation]
N471BK G280 [Jet Edge]
N495DD CL64 [Ventura Air Services Inc]
N51TE C680 [Thumb Aviation LLC]
N587FA CL35 [Regions Financial Corp]
N594FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N654WW C525 [Yankee Papa LLC]
N773RC CL30 [RCM Aviation LLC]
N801PH CL30 [Post Foods LLC]
N805CJ C525 [KLHJ LLC]
N993XZ FA7X [Executive Jet Management]
N998G C680 [Sunrise Jets]

A quick look from a drive around the airport and several parking lots gave us the above result.

New York JFK, 21 september 2022 :

9Y-BAR B38M [Caribbean Airlines]
9Y-JAM B38M [Caribbean Airlines]
A6-EVD A388 [Emirates Airline]
A7-MHH A319 [Qatar Amiri Flight]
B-16789 B77L [EVA Air]
B-18772 B77L [China Airlines]
CC-BBJ B788 [LATAM Airlines]
CC-CXG B763 [LATAM Airlines]
C-FFEL B38M [Flair Airlines]
HL7621 A388 [Korean Air]
HL8381 A359 [Asiana Airlines]
HP-1843CMP B738 [Copa Airlines]
HZ-MF1 B737 [Saudi Ministry of Finance]
JA733J B77W [Japan Airlines]
JA734J B77W [Japan Airlines]
JA797A B77W [All Nippon Airways]
N103NN A321 [American Airlines]
N111ZM A321 [American Airlines]
N120HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N132DU BCS1 [Delta Air Lines]
N134EV CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N134HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N136EV CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N139DU BCS1 [Delta Air Lines]
N179JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N184JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N187JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N191FE B763 [FedEx Express]
N197PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N2002J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N2027J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N2038J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N203JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N2044J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N2047J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N2060J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N206JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N2084J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N2086J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N208JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N2102J A21N [JetBlue Airways]
N220JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N222JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N231JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N232PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N244JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N244QS CL65 [NetJets]
N249JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N260AK B739 [Alaska Airlines]
N266JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N283JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N292PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N300PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N301NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N302GV E55P [Grandview Aviation]
N302PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N303PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N3044J BCS3 [JetBlue Airways]
N306SP B38M [American Airlines]
N308DN A321 [Delta Air Lines]
N310PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N311PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N324RN B38M [American Airlines]
N328JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N329PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N331NW A320 [Delta Air Lines]
N336PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N337PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N338ST B38M [American Airlines]
N342RX B38M [American Airlines]
N344NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N346JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N351NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N362CM B763 [ABX Air]
N370HA A332 [Hawaiian Airlines]
N372UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N373JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N3763D B738 [Delta Air Lines]
N3766 B738 [Delta Air Lines]
N3769L B738 [Delta Air Lines]
N394DX A321 [Delta Air Lines]
N396CA P212 [---]
N397DA B738 [Delta Air Lines]
N405YX E75S [American Eagle]
N417YX E75L [American Eagle]
N421YX E75L [American Eagle]
N433YX E75L [American Eagle]
N436YX E75L [American Eagle]
N438YX E75L [American Eagle]
N495AS B739 [Alaska Airlines]
N50JE GLF5 [Talon Air]
N527JL A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N529JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N556JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N558JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N563JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N564JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N570JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N571JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N585JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N589JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N591JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N592JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N594JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N597JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N605LR CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N606LR CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N608JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N623JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N629JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N630JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N632JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N639JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N652JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N653JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N6702 B752 [Delta Air Lines]
N6714Q B752 [Delta Air Lines]
N676CA CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N682FE A306 [FedEx Express]
N685DA B752 [Delta Air Lines]
N686TA A320 [Avianca El Salvador]
N70020 A319 [American Airlines]
N703JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N705TW B752 [Delta Air Lines]
N708JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N717TW B752 [Delta Air Lines]
N733FD A306 [FedEx Express]
N758AN B772 [American Airlines]
N760JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N766AN B772 [American Airlines]
N775AN B772 [American Airlines]
N782AN B772 [American Airlines]
N793JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N796JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N8083H L-1649 [TWA], preserved
N820DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N821DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N855DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N857DZ B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N873DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N878DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N905XJ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N913DU B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N922DZ B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N924DZ B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N924XJ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N927DZ B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N928VA A21N [Alaska Airlines]
N928XJ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N932AN B738 [American Airlines]
N941AK B39M [Alaska Airlines]
N949JT A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N952AA B738 [American Airlines]
N954JB A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N967JT A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N973JT A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N977JE A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N986JB A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N999JQ A321 [JetBlue Airways]
VT-ALN B77W [Air India]

A few hours in the morning from the top of Terminal 5 parking lot. The TWA Starliner can be well seen and photographed from the inside of Terminal 5.

Teterboro, 21 september 2022 :

166378 G550 [United States Navy]
9H-VII GL7T [VistaJet]
9H-VIJ GL7T [VistaJet]
A7-CGE G650 [Qatar Executive]
C-FWTF E55P [Flightpath Charter Airways]
C-GASR C25A [Airsprint Inc]
C-GDWF CL64 [Chartright Air]
C-GLJT G550 [Skyservice Business Aviation]
C-GWPB G200 [Chartright Air]
D-ACDE GL5T [DC Aviation]
FAB-002 F5EX [Government of Bolivia]
G-VTLY GL6T [Gama Aviation]
HB-JIM FA8X [Jet Aviation Business Jets AG]
HB-JIT GL7T [Albinati Aeronautics SA]
HB-JOB FA7X [Cat Aviation AG]
N100LJ E55P [T-Unlimited LLC]
N102DZ GLF5 [Aviation Enterprises Inc]
N109CH G650 [Jet Edge]
N111LJ C550 [Sourek Trail Co Inc]
N1128M LJ60 [Worldwide Jet Charter]
N112AF PC12 [Planesense ]
N116TA C25C [CJ4N6A LLC]
N120LW GLF5 [N120LW LLC]
N121JE GLF4 [Jet Edge]
N125TN C650 [Triad Aviation LLC]
N12LX F2LX [Swan Asset Management LLC]
N131JE GLF4 [Jet Edge]
N136MV F5EX [Short Hills Aviation]
N144AB GLF4 [Prime Jet]
N1454H G650 [Amerada Hess Corp]
N1540 G280 [Cox Communications Inc]
N1549E F9EX [Hudson Takeoff LLC]
N154MH GLF5 [Mira Vista Aviation]
N157TW C25B [Tradewind Aviation]
N15VJ SF50 [VeriJet]
N176JE GLF4 [JetSelect Aviation]
N177QS GL7T [NetJets]
N1828S F9EX [Stephens Group Inc]
N18CG F9EX [Corning Inc]
N190JE HA4T [Talon Air]
N208QS CL65 [NetJets]
N21H C680 [21H Leasing LLC]
N21HJ HDJT [Marine Coastal Recovery LLC]
N220F GLEX [Keystone Aviation]
N225GP LJ60 [Hera Flight]
N229JT HDJT [Jet It]
N22PB PC24 [Great Basin Advisors LLC]
N242QS CL65 [NetJets]
N247FR F900 [Solairus Aviation]
N257DV C25C [RDV Aviation LLC]
N26B E55P [Jim & M LLC]
N273LP LJ45 [New World Aviation Inc]
N280PH GLF5 [Global Air Charters]
N302LT CL30 [Silver Air]
N312AF GL6T [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N317M F2TH [Lyondell Chemical Company]
N3196K BE9L [Eagle Air Inc]
N325WJ CL30 [Executive Jet Management]
N3262T GLEX [ACI Jet]
N326QS E55P [NetJets]
N327LX F2LX [Boston Post Leasing LLC]
N334FX CL64 [Northeastern Aviation]
N349FX E55P [Flexjet]
N351SP H900 [Sonoco Products Company]
N364SM F2TH [Rennia Aviation]
N373GG GL5T [Artoc Group For Investment And Development]
N393BX GL7T [IAC Falcon Holdings III LLC]
N397QS C680 [NetJets]
N400LZ BE40 [Clemens Aviation]
N402XT BE40 [Wheels Up Private Jets]
N409QS E55P [NetJets]
N412TS BE40 [Aircraft Management Group Inc]
N417NL CL85 [Great Western Air LLC]
N421SC F2LX [Stryker Corp]
N424FX E545 [Flexjet]
N427FX E545 [Flexjet]
N42JJ H25B [Privaira]
N431FX E545 [Flexjet]
N437QS E55P [NetJets]
N44GF C560 [ACE Aviation Service LLC]
N450JS G450 [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N451QS E55P [NetJets]
N452QS E55P [NetJets]
N455KH G450 [Regian Services LLC]
N458FS CL35 [CTP Aviation]
N46TB ASTR [CalArk Inc]
N471FX LJ75 [Private Jets Inc]
N4757B C750 [Baker Aviation LLC]
N475TW PC12 [Tradewind Aviation]
N481Z BE9L [Brown Helicopter Inc]
N4QN C650 [LaButte LLC]
N500ES G650 [Earth Star Inc]
N501LS CRJ2 [Limited Stores Inc]
N501QS C68A [NetJets]
N5031T BE40 [Executive Jet Management]
N505D G550 [Randolph Aviation LLC]
N509CQ GLF4 [Pegasus Elite Aviation]
N509QS C68A [NetJets]
N510SR G650 [Related Advisory Company LLC]
N512KS F9LX [Jet Linx Aviation]
N518FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N519QS C68A [NetJets]
N520TM BE40 [Century Jets]
N525WC C525 [Option Air LLC]
N529FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N535QS C68A [NetJets]
N53HA C650 [AEM Aviation]
N540FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N542QS C68A [NetJets]
N5430G G550 [GMDAir Corp]
N543BA CL65 [Boeing Executive Flight Operations]
N54WS C25C [Wildstar Partners LLC]
N550GW G550 [711 Cody Inc]
N551WS HDJT [Jet It]
N552FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N558QS C56X [NetJets]
N565SK H25B [Jet Access Aviation]
N567AF PC12 [Planesense]
N567QS C68A [NetJets]
N571CH G280 [Jet Resource Inc]
N583GD GA5C [Wingtip Aviation]
N592MA C560 [Red Wing Aeroplane Company]
N593FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N595EX G550 [Jet Edge ex ott]
N595RH C56X [Miles To Go LLC]
N596FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N603GP CL35 [Trident Aircraft Inc]
N603TX C56X [Red Wing Aeroplane Company]
N605AG CL65 [AEM Aviation]
N605S CL65 [Sierra Aviation Inc]
N606WJ H25B [Worldwide Jet Charter]
N608DC ASTR [Astra Partners LLC]
N608SG C25B [The Heli Team]
N612HT F2EX [FGF Sovereign LLC]
N612QS C68A [NetJets]
N617CB C56X [Waltzing Matilda Aviation LLC]
N620JH G550 [Huntsman International LLC]
N624SV C680 [1st Source Bank]
N635QS C68A [NetJets]
N639QS C68A [NetJets]
N64LE CL61 [Zeus Vs Ares LLC]
N650FX G650 [Flexjet]
N650WS G650 [Corporate]
N672PP E550 [Live Oak Banking Company]
N673QS C56X [NetJets]
N675AZ H900 [Jet Access Aviation]
N676AS G550 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N676QS C68A [NetJets]
N692GD G650 [Qualcomm Inc]
N693QS C56X [NetJets]
N6PG CL35 [Procter & Gamble Co]
N703MD FA7X [Executive Jet Management]
N704MF GLEX [MC Group Aviation]
N707WE GLF4 [Wing Aviation Group]
N708Q CL35 [JetSelect Aviation]
N717LS G450 [Solairus Aviation]
N720ML F9EX [Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company]
N722XJ C750 [ALF Holdings LLC]
N723HC LJ60 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N726QS CL35 [NetJets]
N72PS F9LX [Cool Grove Equipment LLC]
N74GG GLF4 [ACI Jet]
N752QS CL35 [NetJets]
N756QS CL35 [NetJets]
N765MS G200 [Aircraft Services Group Inc]
N769QS CL35 [NetJets]
N7707X FA7X [TWC Aviation Inc]
N773QS CL35 [NetJets]
N777QX CL65 [QX Maritime LLC]
N778QS CL35 [NetJets]
N780BH LJ45 [Jet Linx Aviation]
N785AF PC12 [Planesense]
N785MT C25A [Bun Air Charter]
N794QS CL35 [NetJets]
N79PG GA5C [Corporate]
N7JP G650 [Corporate]
N803JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N80F C25C [Ginnaire Rental Inc]
N811QS C700 [NetJets]
N811TD G550 [Solairus Aviation]
N812FT GALX [Bizav Support LLC]
N818RP E55P [Edison Air LLC]
N818TH F9EX [Tommy Hilfiger USA Inc]
N819QS C700 [NetJets]
N827JM TBM9 [JCM Advisory LLC]
N828SN G650 [Phenix Jet ex ott]
N830QS C700 [NetJets]
N836UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N83SD C680 [Aviation Advisor Inc]
N850TC F2TH [Corporate Eagle Management Services]
N85CC H25B [New Bremen Investments Inc]
N866TM CL30 [Flexjet]
N868UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N873AJ PC12 [Lexa International Corp]
N878SC GL6T [The Whitewind Company]
N880X GL6T [Pratt Aviation P/L]
N882CA LJ45 [Pere Marquette Group LLC]
N8833 G650 [650 Holdings LLC]
N885GM G550 [STAjets]
N886AJ G650 [Solairus Aviation]
N887WT G650 [Qualcomm Inc]
N888AR FA7X [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N888LJ LJ60 [Elite Flight Jets]
N88EJ E55P [Eight Echo Juliet LLC]
N900RH B350 [Rite Hite Holdings Corp]
N901UP C750 [Wheels Up]
N902QS C68A [NetJets]
N902TF F2LX [Tyson Foods Inc]
N910CL CL30 [51 CL Corp]
N910DP C750 [Paradigm Jet Management]
N913CL C56X [Executive Jet Management]
N913HH G450 [Jet Edge]
N915RB F2LX [FHC Flight Services Inc]
N928NJ G550 [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N941RS G450 [Caxton Alternate Management LP]
N949JA H25B [Wing Aviation]
N950PC H25B [KLM Aviation]
N961JF G550 [Northeastern Aviation]
N97SJ F2LX [J M Smucker Company]
N982MM G200 [Corporate]
N982RW GA6C [Coca-Cola Company]
N988F G650 [Surebliss LLC]
N993JC E35L [Executive Jet Management]
TC-BYR CL65 [Mavi Baskent]

The above was seen during a drive around the airport and from the parking lot as mentioned before. We started spotting around 1430 and after a few hours it was time to check in at the Hilton Hasbrouck TEB hotel. Ask for a NY Skyline view room and 8th level or higher (we had room 1104) and nothing can be missed during arrival, departure or line up.

Teterboro, 22 september 2022:

5N-LOS E35L [KSR3 Aviation]
9H-VIE GL7T [VistaJet]
A4O-AD G550 [Oman Royal Flight]
C-FDIL GL5T [Aurora Jet Partners]
C-FKKH B350 [NLG Air Inc]
C-FUTL C525 [Novajet]
C-GASE E545 [Airsprint Inc]
C-GDIL CL35 [Aurora Jet Partners]
C-GOHB F2LX [Starlink Aviation]
C-GOHX CL35 [Novajet]
C-GOIL F900 [Skyservice Business Aviation]
C-GTFU G200 [Flightexec]
CS-GLY GL5T [NetJets Europe]
EC-LTF GL6T [Gestair Executive Jet SA]
HB-JSS FA7X [Cat Aviation AG]
HL8200 G550 [SK Telecomm]
HL8372 G650 [SK Telecomm]
LX-ICE G650 [Global Jet Luxembourg SA]
M-ARVA GL6T [Zat Asset Holding Ltd]
M-GMKM FA7X [GMK Consulting]
N106PC C750 [Mountain Aviation]
N1089 GL7T [Silver Air]
N108CJ C525 [Premier Private Jets]
N111HZ FA7X [Pacific Western Bank]
N114QS GL5T [NetJets]
N117MS GL5T [Clay Lacy Aviation Inc]
N121B BE9L [GO Aviation]
N126AF PC24 [Planesense]
N135SM CL64 [Solairus Aviation]
N148QS GL6T [NetJets]
N149LP GLEX [Tempus Jets]
N165QS GL6T [NetJets]
N173JM G200 [Weitsman Shredding LLC]
N174WA P180 [Beta Business LLC]
N1759C G550 [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N1850M LJ75 [Northern Jet Management Inc]
N1852B G550 [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N1878E G550 [Solairus Aviation]
N1898B FA8X [BNT International Corp]
N18TD GLF4 [STAjets]
N18UD F9LX [Solairus Aviation]
N193LA GL6T [Executive Jet Management]
N194W FA7X [Executive Jet Management]
N1969M CL65 [Solairus Aviation]
N197DX F2LX [Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc]
N200AP C750 [Mountain Aviation]
N2016A FA7X [Executive Jet Management]
N205FP GA5C [Executive Jet Management]
N211JB CL30 [Aviation Advisor Inc]
N211PB GLEX [Joust Capital II LLC]
N212WQ GL7T [One Campus Drive Services LLC]
N214TF F2LX [CVS Pharmacy Inc]
N218KD GLF4 [STAjets]
N219QS CL65 [NetJets]
N221CB F5EX [Falcon 50EX 320 LLC]
N228BA G280 [Bank of America]
N230GA G280 [Gulfstream Aerospace LP]
N232PH LJ40 [Jett Aircraft]
N240JK LJ60 [Briland LLC]
N242JT C56X [Jet Linx Aviation]
N243QS CL65 [NetJets]
N244C F2LX [United Healthcare Services]
N251AF PC24 [Planesense]
N251SP H900 [Sonoco Products Company]
N255VG C68A [Sterling Aviation]
N25VJ SF50 [VeriJet]
N26JE CL65 [JetSelect Aviation]
N285DX G280 [Petco Animal Supplies Stores Inc]
N289AW LJ35 [Air Gato Enterprises Inc]
N298HM WW24 [Maxjet Leasing Corp]
N2N G650 [Marmalade Skies LLC]
N300JA GLEX [Shatkin Air LLC]
N300JE CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N302JE CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N303LJ LJ45 [Executive Jet Management]
N308EL GA5C [Eli Lilly & Co]
N30JE G300 [Jet Edge]
N312AT G650 [BB One LLC]
N313BK GLEX [Wingtip Aviation]
N314QS E55P [NetJets]
N315QS C680 [NetJets]
N316GX GLEX [Tyson Foods Inc]
N319CF F5EX [My Jet Saver]
N31JE HA4T [Talon Air]
N328QS E55P [NetJets]
N331GV E55P [Grandview Aviation]
N338LS G550 [Las Vegas Sands Corp]
N339NJ F2LX [Time 2 Fly LLC]
N3410A C56X [IOA Aviation LLC]
N342QS C680 [NetJets]
N350VJ CL35 [XO]
N354FX E55P [Flexjet]
N358VJ CL35 [XO]
N365CJ GLEX [Tashi Corp]
N366QS E55P [NetJets]
N376QS C680 [NetJets]
N377FX E55P [Flexjet]
N37AL GLF5 [Alerion]
N382BA LJ40 [N435SC LLC]
N388CA GLF4 [Alerion]
N3918Y G450 [Gama Aviation Signature]
N396NS GLF4 [STAjets]
N39KJ LJ45 [Spritle LLC]
N39NP F9EX [Blue Ridge Air Inc]
N403AA C501 [Plane Travel LLC]
N408KT LJ45 [KT 408 LLC]
N409BG PC12 [N409BG LLC]
N409MR CL30 [Flex Air LLC]
N411FJ J328 [Ultimate Jet Charters]
N417QS E55P [NetJets]
N418QS E55P [NetJets]
N419FX E545 [Flexjet]
N420TJ E55P [TP Aviation LLC]
N421AL GLEX [Corporate]
N424JS GLF4 [flyExclusive]
N424MP CL35 [Marathon Petroleum Company LP]
N425FX CL30 [Flexjet ex ott]
N425LH C208 [Fly The Whale]
N427SA GLF4 [Wing Aviation]
N43XP BE40 [Mountain Aviation]
N441PC LJ35 [REVA Air Ambulance]
N444FM CL64 [SLVR Air LLC]
N459RH G280 [Corporate]
N46RT GA6C [Raytheon Technologies Corp]
N477SC CL35 [477SC LLC]
N48KE E50P [Rightway Drywall Inc]
N4TD G450 [Executive Jet Management]
N500PG CL64 [Executive Jet Management]
N500RH GLF5 [Global Air Charters]
N504VJ GL5T [XO]
N508AB LJ60 [AB Jets]
N50S G550 [Stripes Equipment LLC]
N510CN C55B [Zanesville Aviation]
N514UP C56X [Wheels Up]
N520FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N520QS C68A [NetJets]
N522BD F2EX [Short Hills Aviation]
N525JP CL30 [Flightgest Aviation]
N525KF G550 [Oaktree Capital Management LP]
N5263 C560 [Big River Aviation LLC]
N527AH E190 [March Operations Company]
N528FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N534XJ CL30 [XO]
N536QS C68A [NetJets]
N539QS C68A [NetJets]
N541QS C68A [NetJets]
N541Z F2LX [JP Morgan Chase Bank]
N544QS C68A [NetJets]
N545SB LJ60 [Jet Linx Aviation]
N546XJ CL30 [XO]
N552CJ C550 [IAL Corp]
N557PK FA7X [Sion Aviation LLC]
N559X G550 [Executive Jet Management]
N55BA H25B [Premier Private Jets]
N562RT CL65 [Solairus Aviation]
N564FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N564QS C68A [NetJets]
N568QS C56X [NetJets]
N569DN C560 [Seek Aid LLC]
N577CF FA7X [Executive Jet Management]
N582FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N585FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N585QS C68A [NetJets]
N586FD C25A [OzAir Charter]
N588GA GA5C [Corporate]
N593QS C68A [NetJets]
N5GF GLF4 [Wing Aviation Group]
N601DL C750 [flyExclusive]
N604GS LJ35 [Air Charters]
N605MM CL65 [Solairus Aviation]
N607BF LJ45 [N607 LLC]
N607D G450 [Dominion Energy Services Inc]
N608QS C68A [NetJets]
N613QS C56X [NetJets]
N621DJ CL61 [North Point Aviation LLC]
N622AF PC12 [Planesense]
N632BL E550 [Pacific Legacy LLC]
N632QS C68A [NetJets]
N639M F2TS [Brunswick Corp]
N644QS C56X [NetJets]
N646QS C68A [NetJets]
N650TP G650 [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N650XA G650 [Saudi Aramco]
N657FX G650 [Flexjet]
N664MM C650 [Aquarius Aircraft Leasing LLC]
N684QS C68A [NetJets]
N68KP GL6T [Eagle Aircraft & Transportation Management Inc]
N691AF PC12 [Planesense]
N692QS C68A [NetJets]
N695QS C68A [NetJets]
N696QS C68A [NetJets]
N701CR G280 [Executive Jet Management]
N706QS CL35 [NetJets]
N719SH F9EX [Corporate]
N7206E BE9T [ET Aviation LLC]
N720VM C700 [Thrive Aviation]
N721KJ G550 [Executive Jet Management]
N721MC GLF5 [Executive Jet Management]
N72LN GA5C [Solairus Aviation]
N731QS CL35 [NetJets]
N737QS CL35 [NetJets]
N740KD LJ40 [Sky Quest]
N750LL LJ75 [Northern Jet Management Inc]
N750NG C750 [Pacific Coast Jet]
N750XJ C750 [XO]
N751BG C680 [Green Mountain Boys LLC]
N751QS CL35 [NetJets]
N758SP C680 [Northwest Flyers]
N765M G200 [Executive Jet Management]
N766QS CL35 [NetJets]
N76ZE C25B [Chairman Airmotive]
N770CC H25B [Taughannock Aviation]
N774QS CL35 [NetJets]
N775E FA7X [Falcon 7X-75 LLC]
N778AR G650 [Mira Vista Aviation]
N780E G550 [AKFL3 LLC]
N785KJ GL6T [Wingtip Aviation]
N785QS G550 [Ambrose Corp]
N788CG CL85 [Corning Inc]
N797JS C560 [flyExclusive]
N800HH GLF4 [Jet Edge]
N800TL H25B [M & N Aviation]
N801PJ H25B [Century Aviation]
N803SD C25B [Pittsburgh Jet Center]
N804UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N806AF PC12 [Planesense]
N807BC G650 [Trident Aircraft Inc]
N807DD CL61 [Worldwide Jet Charter]
N807LA GL7T [XO]
N814QS C700 [NetJets]
N817X FA7X [McAfee & Taft]
N820QS C700 [NetJets]
N836JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N83HD F9LX [Home Depot Inc]
N83PW BE20 [Triton Airways LLC]
N844JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N84GV GLF5 [Jet Aviation Flight Services]
N852DL CL35 [PNC Financial Services Group Inc]
N853JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N864DC H25B [Vision Holdings 103 LLC]
N872UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N873AJ PC12 [---]
N874GU GL5T [Chartright Air]
N883LD GLF4 [STAjets]
N888HE GLF5 [Journey Aviation]
N888ZF G650 [Solairus Aviation]
N889UP B350 [Wheels Up]
N898MJ GL6T [Executive Jet Management]
N900LS GL6T [VS Service Company LLC]
N900TE F900 [Rennia Aviation]
N901MM F9EX [Solairus Aviation]
N904FL E35L [Private Jets Inc]
N905JG GL6T [Lion Sky Aviation LLC]
N90CE LJ60 [Altius Aviation]
N910CF H25B [Century Aviation]
N918EG LJ45 [Air Unlimited]
N918TA G650 [Executive Logistics Solutions LLC]
N91QK CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N922FA GLF5 [Gryphon Air]
N926RC F2TH [Aircraft Services Group Inc]
N926TT GLF4 [Planet Nine Private Air]
N927MC G650 [Northeastern Aviation]
N944GL GL6T [Solairus Aviation]
N950CM G650 [Oaktree Capital Management LP]
N950MP GL6T [NexGen Flight Solutions]
N950X FA7X [TP Aviation II LLC]
N955GH C750 [Discovery Jets]
N963RS FA7X [Solairus Aviation]
N971MC CL30 [Craft Charter]
N979WW LJ75 [Northern Jet Management Inc]
N9939T G450 [Jet Edge]
N9943P PC12 [1913 Logistics LLC]
N999V GLEX [Four Brothers 2 LLC]
N9U C56X [BCL Aviation LLC]
OK-GRX GL6T [Eclair Aviation]
PR-RDD G550 [Paulo Junqueira Moll]
SE-DJI FA7X [Industriflyg]
T7-0302 G550 [ACASS Canada]
VP-CFE G650 [Challenger Aero Cayman]
VP-CGP G650 [Gama Aviation FZC]
XA-TZF CL64 [Aero Silza SA]

The above was seen from 0700 till 2100 hour from our hotel room as mentioned above.

Teterboro, 23 september 2022 :

10-00259 BE20 [United States Army]
C-FEDG CL35 [Skyservice Business Aviation]
C-FHNS G100 [Jetport Inc]
C-FPJD GL7T [Chartright Air]
C-GAAS C25B [Airsprint Inc]
C-GDPG GL5T [Power Corp of Canada]
C-GJXM LJ75 [Skyservice Business Aviation]
C-GKCP CL65 [Canadian Pacific Railway]
C-GSAG PC12 [Montreal Flying Club Inc]
C-GSUN GL6T [Suncor Energy Inc]
D-AFBS E35L [Air Hamburg GmbH]
D-ASAP E35L [Air Hamburg GmbH]
G-FOMO GL6T [Luxaviation UK]
HB-IVJ G650 [Boutique Aviation]
N100AX F900 [Applied Underwritwrs Inc]
N100UP F900 [ABM Ventures LLC]
N109MJ CL30 [JFB3 LLC]
N10F FA10 [King Leasing Corp]
N1113R G650 [Solairus Aviation]
N125XP H25B [M & N Aviation]
N127HB E55P [Gold Aviation Services]
N128JL F9EX [Solairus Aviation]
N131EP F2TH [Westshore Aviation]
N146BG GLF4 [Prime Jet]
N157PW BE40
N162QS GL6T [NetJets]
N1677 PC12 [Le Loop LLC]
N172AF PC12 [Planesense]
N179KC CL35 [AgroAmerica]
N184G C25C [Boston Post Leasing LLC]
N1868M GL5T [Millrock Aviation Financial LLC]
N18MZ F900 [SP Leasing LLC]
N192JE GLF4 [Jet Edge]
N1932P G550 [Mozart Investments Inc]
N194SV P180 [LA Aviation LLC]
N200ES G650 [Earth Star Inc]
N200QS CL65 [NetJets]
N2020 C25C [Aircraft Services Group Inc]
N210FJ F9EX [Harris Corp]
N211GS LJ55 [Air Charters]
N217DC TBM9 [Easterly Capital LLC]
N221GK C68A [Richard L Richards]
N237X FA7X [Jet Aviation Business Jets AG]
N24MH LJ60 [LJ60 MSN 185 LLC]
N250QS CL65 [NetJets]
N284J C680 [Jet Linx Aviation]
N28FM CL61 [JF Aircorp Inc]
N296L LJ60 [Hop-a-Jet Inc]
N29MC C25A [JEM Air Holdings LLC]
N300CQ H25B [Plus One Air]
N304K F9LX [AT&T Management Services]
N307LC FA7X [Solairus Aviation]
N309QS E55P [NetJets]
N30GD GLF4 [Hayden Summit Leasing LLC]
N312EA CL35 [JetSelect Aviation]
N313MC B350 [313 Aviation LLC]
N313WA F2LX [Corporate Eagle Management Services]
N313XF GA5C [Corporate]
N316SS F900 [Century Jets]
N317RA CL64 [Hop-a-Jet Inc]
N324FP GLF4 [Solairus Aviation]
N325ND C56X [Wheels Up Private Jets]
N328AJ LJ60 [Goldeneye LLC]
N333LX GLF5 [Starjet Inc]
N340AK CL64 [Oak Air Ltd]
N348BE BE40 [Sun Aviation LLC]
N351AF PC12 [Planesense]
N351QS E55P [NetJets]
N358JA LJ60 [Hop-a-Jet Inc]
N360SM F2TH [Dumont Aviation]
N370QS C680 [NetJets]
N371FP GLF4 [Wing Aviation Group]
N375TW H900 [Halcyon Aviation LLC]
N378QS C680 [NetJets]
N390AB PRM1 [T Farc LLC]
N3VJ LJ31 [Venture Jets]
N4050 G650 [PayPal Holdings Inc]
N405FX E545 [Flexjet]
N410LG BE40 [Executive Jet Management]
N411TJ CL65 [Idaho Rivers LLC]
N415SE G200 [Corporate]
N416EL G650 [Pegasus Elite Aviation]
N417TM H25B [Aircraft Services Group Inc]
N420KV LJ60 [ATI Jet Inc]
N421FX E545 [Flexjet]
N430NG PC12 [Credit Wholesale Company Inc Dba]
N436FL BE40 [Private Jets Inc]
N437FX E545 [Flexjet]
N443FX E545 [Flexjet]
N446CJ C25C [Textron Aviation Inc]
N450BG G450 [STAjets]
N451CK LJ45 [Kalitta Charters]
N455FX G450 [Flexjet]
N457FX G450 [Flexjet]
N45VA LJ45 [Wal-Mart Aviation]
N46CK PRM1 [Pro Airways]
N46SM CL35 [Corporate]
N474D G550 [Solairus Aviation]
N475FX LJ75 [Private Jets Inc]
N500VJ GL5T [XO]
N506AB LJ60 [AB Jets]
N5200 F2TH [Redwood Aviation Company]
N520RP CL30 [JetSelect Aviation]
N523QS C68A [NetJets]
N524LR H25C [Discovery Jets]
N524SM C510 [Flyair LLC]
N525GL C25M [Merit Aviation LLC]
N527QS C68A [NetJets]
N533XJ CL30 [XO]
N535RV H25B [REVA Air Ambulance]
N542FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N549FX CL30 [Flexjet]
N54YC BE30 [Aircraft Services Group Inc]
N555DT GL6T [Planet Nine Private Air]
N55CH PC12 [Pitot Inc]
N573FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N586FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N589QS C56X [NetJets]
N595FX CL35 [Flexjet]
N5A E55P [Randolph Aviation LLC]
N600QS C56X [NetJets]
N600RA FA20 [Royal Air Freight Inc]
N601QS C68A [NetJets]
N605JE CL64 [Talon Air]
N605TK CL65 [Solairus Aviation]
N609EZ G450 [Yates Aviation LLC]
N60JE HA4T [Talon Air]
N60XC GL6T [Omega Acquisitions LLC]
N610GH PC12 [Aero-Tech Services]
N611BV E35L [Contour Aviation]
N616QS C68A [NetJets]
N618L LJ60 [M & N Aviation]
N620X F9LX [Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co]
N627DH C25C [Highland CJ LLC]
N652BA G650 [Executive Jet Management]
N65SQ BE40 [Sky Quest]
N675QS C68A [NetJets]
N683QS C56X [NetJets]
N684TH C510 [RJK Air LLC]
N699ST CL65 [Hop-a-Jet Inc]
N702LT G400 [Corporate]
N710MV GLF4 [Mira Vista Aviation]
N711RC C25A [PFP Palomar Holdings LLC]
N712LW G400 [Solairus Aviation]
N717JJ CL30 [Sterling Aviation]
N718SJ H25B [Leondo SA]
N721HM F900 [Phoenix Airlines Services]
N722EA H25B [Corporate]
N723AB GL5T [Fair Wind Air Charter]
N734TJ GLF3 [Global Jet Leasing LLC]
N73AF GLEX [American Fidelity Corp]
N758QS CL35 [NetJets]
N768BL CL35 [Trinity Property Group II LLC]
N770RG H25C [Century Jets]
N777DC H900 [Privaira]
N784AH G650 [Headington Realty and Capital LLC]
N786HD LJ75 [Wing Aviation]
N789JC F2EX [Zenflight]
N795QS CL35 [NetJets]
N798QS CL35 [NetJets]
N800XM H25B [Plus One Air]
N801HH GLF5 [Jet Edge]
N803MT BE20 [Griffing Flying Service]
N803SC C560 [Strom Law Firm LLC]
N809JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N80BL F2LX [J F Ahern Co]
N80J H900 [Solairus Aviation]
N814SH C560 [Silverhawk Aviation Inc]
N850AB TBM8 [Borla Aviation LLC]
N854FL H25B [SC Aviation Inc]
N857ST GLF4 [Pentastar Aviation]
N860JJ CRJ2 [WU Air Corporation]
N865JS C56X [flyExclusive]
N884HJ C680 [Martinair Inc]
N8850 F2EX [Jet Linx Aviation]
N887JS H25B [My Jet Saver]
N88ER PRM1 [T & R Aviation LLC]
N8SW G550 [Solairus Aviation]
N900HG F9EX [MN Aviation]
N902YP F9EX [Villages Equipment Company]
N907TX C750 [Mountain Aviation]
N907WC CL61 [Tala Air Logistics LLC]
N908UP C750 [Wheels Up]
N914X G550 [Solairus Aviation]
N923AF PC12 [Planesense]
N926JC F2TH [Solairus Aviation]
N928JS C750 [flyExclusive]
N92NS LJ60 [Dreamline Aviation]
N93FX GLEX [Flexjet]
N943EL C750 [Mountain Aviation]
N945LC C25B [flyExclusive]
N94JW C25C [WB Air Three LLC]
N97DK CL30 [Executive Jet Management]
N985CL H25B [Corporate Flight Inc]
N988NW FA7X [Elevate Jet]
N989CG LJ31 [Classic Jet Center]
PH-CBV F2LX [Cartier Europe BV]
XA-MHA G200 [Casafin Ltd]

The above was seen from our hotel room till 1600 hour. After check out we did a small drive around the airport and parking lots for the final numbers before we left.

New York La Guardia, 24 september 2022 :

2303 CN35 [United States Coast Guard]
C-FWSV B737 [WestJet]
C-GJXN BCS3 [Air Canada]
C-GNBE BCS3 [Air Canada]
N102HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N105HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N121HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N133HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N137HQ E75S [American Eagle]
N223JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N240JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N242JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N279PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N280WN B737 [Southwest Airlines]
N301NW B738 [American Airlines]
N316PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N329DN A321 [Delta Air Lines]
N329NW A320 [Delta Air Lines]
N341NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N348NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N348PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N350FR A20N [Frontier Airlines]
N353JB E190 [JetBlue Airways]
N363NB A319 [Delta Air Lines]
N363NW A320 [Delta Air Lines]
N416YX E75L [American Eagle]
N418YX E75L [American Eagle]
N442YX E75L [American Eagle]
N607LR CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N625NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N675NK A321 [Spirit Airlines]
N684NK A321 [Spirit Airlines]
N685NK A321 [Spirit Airlines]
N77261 B738 [United Airlines]
N807AW A319 [American Airlines]
N810MD E170 [Delta Connection]
N8321D B738 [Southwest Airlines]
N837NN B738 [American Airlines]
N842NN B738 [American Airlines]
N842UA A319 [United Airlines]
N853UA A319 [United Airlines]
N87318 E75L [United Express]
N88332 E75L [United Express]
N89308 E75L [United Express]
N902XJ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N909XJ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N919XJ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N9273 F2LX [Executive Jet Management]
N969NN B738 [American Airlines]
N979NN B738 [American Airlines]

Our final day and we did some spotting from Ditmars Boulevard, located in the south near the Airplane Viewing At LaGuardia Airport park. Also in the same street is the Vaughn College located with outside a Beech 90 (N795K), some general aviation and aircraft parts.

Newark, 24 september 2022 :

C-FEJB E75S [Air Canada Express]
C-FEJP E75S [Air Canada Express]
C-FEJY E75S [Air Canada Express]
C-FSLU B38M [Air Canada]
C-GKQE DH8D [Porter Airlines]
N14228 B738 [United Airlines]
N15712 B737 [United Airlines]
N157FE B763 [FedEx Express]
N16709 B737 [United Airlines]
N17262 B38M [United Airlines]
N179ER C25B [Pittsburgh Jet Center]
N181UW A321 [American Airlines]
N200PQ CRJ9 [Delta Connection]
N216JQ E75S [Delta Connection]
N24706 B737 [United Airlines]
N247WP E55P [Executive Jet Management]
N27266 B38M [United Airlines]
N283EM G280 [Exxon Mobil Corp]
N286UP MD11 [United Parcel Service]
N291UP MD11 [United Parcel Service]
N330UP B763 [United Parcel Service]
N33266 B738 [United Airlines]
N34455 B739 [United Airlines]
N37252 B738 [United Airlines]
N3734B B738 [Delta Air Lines]
N37470 B739 [United Airlines]
N37516 B39M [United Airlines]
N38443 B739 [United Airlines]
N38446 B739 [United Airlines]
N38459 B739 [United Airlines]
N406FX E545 [Flexjet]
N410UA A320 [United Airlines]
N436UA A320 [United Airlines]
N455UA A320 [United Airlines]
N460UA A320 [United Airlines]
N511GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N514NK A319 [Spirit Airlines]
N515NK A319 [Spirit Airlines]
N532GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N536UW A321 [American Airlines]
N540UW A321 [American Airlines]
N548GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N551GJ CRJ7 [United Express]
N566JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N585FE MD11 [FedEx Express]
N606NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N612FE MD11 [FedEx Express]
N612NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N613NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N62884 B739 [United Airlines]
N633JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N637JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N645RW E170 [United Express]
N650RW E170 [United Express]
N67827 B739 [United Airlines]
N68802 B739 [United Airlines]
N696NK A320 [Spirit Airlines]
N69824 B739 [United Airlines]
N69835 B739 [United Airlines]
N705JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N726YX E75L [United Express]
N731YX E75L [United Express]
N73283 B738 [United Airlines]
N73291 B738 [United Airlines]
N736YX E75L [United Express]
N737M B738 [Eagle International Establishment]
N749YX E75L [United Express]
N78438 B739 [United Airlines]
N78540 B738 [United Airlines]
N805SY B738 [Sun Country Airlines]
N807UA A319 [United Airlines]
N823UA A319 [United Airlines]
N832UA A319 [United Airlines]
N834JB A320 [JetBlue Airways]
N834UA A319 [United Airlines]
N852DN B739 [Delta Air Lines]
N876UA A319 [United Airlines]
N879UA A319 [United Airlines]
N899UA A319 [United Airlines]
N907AN B738 [American Airlines]
N912NK A20N [Spirit Airlines]
N922VA A21N [Alaska Airlines]
N935NK A20N [Spirit Airlines]
N936NN B738 [American Airlines]
N944AN B738 [American Airlines]
N946AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
N947JB A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N947NK A20N [Spirit Airlines]
N950AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
N979RP E170 [United Express]
N984JB A321 [JetBlue Airways]
N989AT B712 [Delta Air Lines]
N989FD B752 [FedEx Express]
OE-LPC B772 [Austrian Airlines]

The bizjets could be seen at the general aviation apron. After that it was time to bring our car back to the rental company. The final numbers could be read from the AirTrain Newark and the terminal before boarding United B777 N224UA which flew us back to Amsterdam-Schiphol in 6,75 hours.

This report is made with PlaneBase and PlaneBase Mobile software.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
Credit when used.

Credits : T7 and gatso76.


What is the theme of UNGA 2022? ›

This year's SDG Media Zone will highlight Tackling Climate Crisis, Advancing Education Goals, Biodiversity (Friday 23 September), SDG Media Zone Year-in-Review (Monday 26 September) and Hate Speech, among other issues. Join us and be part of conversations on the transformation and solutions.

What are the dates for UNGA 2022? ›

The 77th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 77) will open on Tuesday, 13 September 2022. The first day of the high-level General Debate will be Tuesday, 20 September 2022. To receive SDG event notices, news, and analysis in your inbox, subscribe.

How long does UN General Assembly last? ›

According to the General Assembly Rules of Procedure, the general debate is to be held without interruption for nine working days. However, in practice, seven days is usually sufficient to accommodate all speakers.

Is Russia in the UN? ›

The Russian Federation succeeded to the Soviet Union's seat, including its permanent membership on the Security Council in the United Nations after the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, which originally co-founded the UN in 1945.

Why does Brazil speak first at the United Nations? ›

General Assembly

Since 1947, Brazil has been the first country to speak at the General Debate. Brazilian representatives deliver opening speeches that often present an assessment of the international situation as a backdrop to express the Brazilian point of view on the main issues.

Who can attend UN General Assembly? ›

Every UN member is invited to send a delegation to the UNGA – the most representative body of the UN system. Each member state is allowed an equal vote when deciding on resolutions. This year's session will take place in person for the first time since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020.

Is the United Nations its own country? ›

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. Currently made up of 193 Member States, the UN and its work are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter. The UN has evolved over the years to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

Is the UN General Assembly open to the public? ›

No. The General Assembly Hall and other Chambers are not open to the public and can only be viewed as part of a guided tour (meetings permitting).

What is UN Week NYC? ›

UN General Assembly week is the highlight of the diplomatic calendar. For one week, the political and diplomatic world is coming to New York for a frantic schedule of summits, ministerial and bilateral meetings, media interviews and more. A week of “diplomatic speed-dating”.

What country isn t in the UN? ›

Holy See/Vatican City

The Holy See is the government of Vatican City, which is the global headquarters of the Catholic church and the smallest independent nation in the world. It is also the only independent nation to choose not to apply for membership of the United Nations.

What is 1st right of reply in UN? ›

Member states are also allowed to exercise the right of reply, in which they can rebut criticism voiced during the General Debate.

How long is UN in NYC? ›

The United Nations is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States, and the complex has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since its completion in 1951. It is in the Turtle Bay neighborhood of Manhattan, on 17 to 18 acres (6.9 to 7.3 ha) of grounds overlooking the East River.

Which countries support Russia in Ukraine conflict? ›

Russo-Ukrainian War
Ukraine Supported by: For countries supporting Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion, see foreign aid to UkraineRussia Donetsk People's Republic (2014–2022) Luhansk People's Republic (2014–2022) Supported by: Belarus (since 2022)
Commanders and leaders
10 more rows

What is the difference between NATO and the United Nations? ›

NATO and the U.N. are two organizations trying to work together despite the fact that they have very different philosophies: NATO is an organization designed to fight war, if necessary, in order to defend peace; whereas the U.N. is an organization designed to avoid war in order to maintain peace.

What is the Russian equivalent of NATO? ›

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is an intergovernmental military alliance in Eurasia consisting of six post-Soviet states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan.

Who is current Speaker of United Nations? ›

António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, took office on 1st January 2017.

Is India part of UNGA? ›

India is also part of the G-77. India is a charter member of the United Nations and participates in all of its specialised agencies and organizations.
India and the United Nations.
United Nations membership
Since30 October 1945
UNSC seatNon-permanent (G4 member)
Permanent RepresentativeRuchira Kamboj
3 more rows

What order do countries speak in UN? ›

The order of speakers is given first to member states, then observer states and supranational bodies. Any other observers entities will have a chance to speak at the end of the debate, if they so choose.

How do you get invited to the UN General Assembly? ›

Here are a few tips on how to get in on the action.
  1. Attend side events. ...
  2. Contact your permanent mission. ...
  3. Hang out in the lobby of the Millenium Hilton New York One UN Plaza. ...
  4. Register to attend or volunteer at related conferences. ...
  5. Just show up. ...
  6. Use social media to contribute to the debates.

How do I get a chance to speak at the UN? ›

1 (212) 963-5307, e-mail: galindo(at) and register their intention to speak at the event. Representatives from these bodies will be given the opportunity to take the floor at the conclusion of statements from Member States, time permitting.

How can I give speech in UN? ›

3 Tips to Improve the Way You Sound When Giving a Model UN Speech

What is the main aim of General Assembly? ›

The Assembly makes recommendations to States on international issues within its competence. It has also taken actions across all pillars of the United Nations, including with regard to political, economic, humanitarian, social and legal matters.

Where is the UN General Assembly 2022? ›

UN General Assembly, New York, 20-23 September 2022.

What is the purpose of UNGA? ›

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) is the main policy-making organ of the Organization. Comprising all Member States, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter of the United Nations.

Who is the UN General Assembly president? ›

Csaba Kőrösi

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